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Update a billing adjustment

Resource Summary


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Billing adjustments,

Update a billing adjustment


Update a billing adjustment

Update the specified billing adjustment for the organization. You must specify all of the same properties that you set when creating the billing adjustment and include the ID of the billing adjustment. You can modify the name and adjustment percentage values only. See also Updating a billing adjustment using the API.

Note: When you update a billing adjustment, you need to specify all the billing adjustement settings, not only the settings you want to update. You might want to view the billing adjustment, copy the response payload, modify it as required, and then pass the modified payload in the request body.

Resource URL /organizations/{org_name}/billing-adjustments/{billing_adjustment_id}

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Request content type.

Request Body

{ "adjustmentPercentageFactor": { "type": "number", "description": "Percentage factor by which to adjust the bill. This value can be a positive or negative decimal value to increase or reduce the bill, respectively. Valid values are in the range of -100 to 999.9999." }, "billingMonth": { "type": "string", "description": "Billing month, specified as an integer. For example, 11 for December." }, "billingYear": { "type": "integer", "description": "Billing year, specified using the following format: YYYY. For example, 2017." }, "developerBillingType": { "type": "string", "description": "Developer billing type for which the billing adjustment applies. Valid values include: PREPAID, POSTPAID, BOTH." }, "id": { "type": "string", "description": "ID of the billing adjustment." }, "isPublished": { "type": "boolean", "description": "Flag that specifies whether the billing adjustment should be published." }, "monetizationPackage": { "properties": { "id": { "type": "string", "description": "ID of the API package." } } }, "name": { "type": "string", "description": "Name that describes the billing adjustment." }, "organization": { "properties": { "id": { "type": "string", "description": "ID of the organization." } } }, "product": { "properties": { "id": { "type": "string", "description": "ID of the API product." } } }, "transactionType": { "type": "string", "description": "Type of transaction for which the billing adjustment applies. Valid values include: PURCHASE, CHARGE, REFUND, CREDIT, BALANCE, SETUPFEES, TERMINATIONFEES, TRUEUPS. TRUEUPS are transacions that are used to adjust rated transactions; invoked when tax changes are made in the previous month." } }

org_name Name of your organization. true

billing_adjustment_id ID of the billing adjustment. true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


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