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Updates an extension

Updates an extension


Updates an extension

Updates an extension. When you retrieve a list of extensions, each extension in the collection includes a self property with a URL to the extension, including its ID. Use the ID value in that URL to complete the URL here.

To deploy the an extension, specify {state:DEPLOYED} in the body.

Resource URL /v1/organizations/{org}/environments/{env}/extensions/{id}

Header Parameters

Name Values Description


OAuth token. Replace $TOKEN with your access token. See Get the tokens.


Request content type.

Body Parameters

Name Values Description

Request Body

JSON specifying details about the extension, including name, configuration values, and so on. This should specify new values for the aspects of the extension you want to change.

org Name of the Apigee organization to use. null true

env Name of the Apigee environment to use. null true

id The extension\'s unique identifier. To get extension IDs, use the API that gets a list of all extensions. The ID is the last part of the `self` property of each extension. null true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Resource Summary


Content Type





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