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Deploy API Proxy

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API Proxy,



Deploy API Proxy

Deploys a revision of an existing API proxy to an environment in an organization. API proxies cannot be invoked until they have been deployed to an environment. No body is required for this API call, because this simply executes a deploy command for an undeployed API proxy revision that already exists in your Edge organization.

If you experience HTTP 500 errors during API proxy deployment, see Seamless deployment (zero downtime) for information on using the override and delay parameters. That topic also has more details on API proxy deployment.


About API proxies that use shared flows

Edge does not validate the dependencies between shared flows and API proxies at deploy time. For example, if the Flow Callout policy in an API proxy references a shared flow that either doesn't exist or isn't deployed, API proxy deployment still succeeds. When Edge checks the dependency at runtime and validation fails, Edge throws an API proxy error with a 500 HTTP status code.


Override conflict checks between revisions

When set to true, the override parameter forces deployment of the new revision by overriding conflict checks between revisions. Set this parameter to true when using the delay parameter to minimize impact on in-flight transaction during deployment. You can pass the override value as a form or query parameter.


The following example sets the override value by passing it as a form parameter:

$ curl -X POST -H "Content-type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded" \ \
  -d "override=true" \
  -u email:password

Resource URL /organizations/{org_name}/environments/{env_name}/apis/{api_name}/revisions/{revision_number}/deployments

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Enforces a delay, measured in seconds, before the currently deployed API proxy revision is undeployed and replaced by the new revision that is being deployed. Use this setting to minimize the impact of deployment on in-flight transactions. The default value is 0.


Flag that specifies whether to use seamless deployment to ensure zero downtime. Set this flag to "true" to instruct Edge to deploy the new revision fully before undeploying the existing revision. Use in conjunction with the delay parameter to control when the existing revision is undeployed.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Specify the Content Type.

Request Body

org_name Mention the organization name true

env_name Mention the environment name true

api_name Mention the API Proxy name true

revision_number Mention the revision true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


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