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Update API Proxy Revision

Resource Summary


Content Type

multipart/form-data, application/octet-stream


API Proxy,



Update API Proxy Revision

Uploads a ZIP-formatted API proxy configuration bundle from a local machine to an existing revision of an API proxy.

  • If the API proxy revision is deployed, the API undeploys the revision, updates it, and then redeploys it.
  • If the API proxy revision is undeployed, the API updates the revision but does not deploy it.

Caution: Be aware that the API proxy is immediately updated in all environments where it is deployed.


If the API call times out in SmartDocs, try the following cURL call:

curl -X POST --header "Content-Type: multipart/form-data" -u email:password -F "" ""


Resource URL /organizations/{org_name}/apis/{api_name}/revisions/{revision_number}

Query Parameters

Name Values Description

Always set this value to true to validate the API proxy bundle. Invalid API proxy bundles are rejected, no update to the API proxy occurs, and a list of validation errors returned to the client.

Header Parameters

Name Values Description

Specify Content Type: either multipart/form-data or application/octet-stream


Name Value Description

Specify the ZIP file containing the API proxy configuration bundle.

Request Body

org_name Mention the organization name true

api_name Mention the API Proxy name true

revision_number Mention the API Proxy revision true

HTTP Basic

OAuth 2.0



Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.

Make a request and see the response.


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