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Company Developers

Base Path:{org_name}

API Resource Path: /companies/{company_name}/developers
A collection of developers associated with a company entity.

A developer within an organization who is associated with a company. The company developer creates apps on behalf of the company, and any apps created by a company developer are associated with the company and known as 'company apps'. The Company Developers API enables you to add developers to companies. A developer must exist in the system before you can associate them with a company.

You associate a developer with a company by adding the developer's email and assigning the developer a role. Company developer roles are enforced within the client app that you build using the API, not within the Apigee system. Thus, when you retrieve a list of company apps on behalf of a developer, it is your code that checks the developer's role and displays the capabilities appropriate to that role. You typically create an admin role to allow a company developer to add other developers, delete company apps, and so on. Company developers are mapped to developers in your organization using the developer email as a key. The mapping associates the developer with the company and adds a role. The company developer entity thus has simply an email address and a role while the organization developer entity that it maps to can have a wide variety of attributes defined.

Add or update a company developer Detail
Verb: POST
Description: Adds or updates a developer to a company
Media types:
Auth: Basic Auth
Delete a developer association with a company Detail
Description: Removes the association of a developer with a company
Auth: Basic Auth
List developers in a company Detail
Verb: GET
Description: Lists all developers associated with a company
Media types:
Auth: Basic Auth


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