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Base Path:{org_name} 

API Resource Path: /environments/{env_name}/stats
A source of metrics collected by Apigee Edge that measure API consumption and performance, used to build Analytics reports.

The /stats resource provides access to metrics collected by Apigee Edge.

Apigee Edge records and aggregates metrics for dimensions.

Apigee Edge defines 3 classes of dimensions:

  • Pre-computed, static dimensions used for operational dashboards
  • Dynamic dimensions, whose metrics are computed 'on-demand' when a report is built
  • Custom dimensions, which enable you to build reports based on message content

For each type of dimension, you construct a request by adding the desired dimension by name as a URI parameter following /stats.

For example:


You can define queries against the collected metrics by specifying metrics, type of calculation to run, time range, and, optionally, any filters to use for drill-down into the data set that is returned by the query.

For pre-computed metrics, only simple calculations are needed, since the specific function used to perform the calculation is embedded in the metric.

To generate custom reports, you select a metric + function calculation to run over the specified dimensions.

The base request to create a custom report that calculates average response time for all APIs in an environment is:


Use the additional query parameters defined in the API method to construct the complete request.

For usage, see Use the analytics API to measure API program performance.

A comprehensive reference on all dimensions, metrics, metrics, and functions supported by the API is available in the Analytics reference.

Retrieve and filter metrics for a dimension from Analytics Services Detail
Verb: GET
Description: Use the GET method to retrieve metrics for a dimension
Media types:
Auth: Basic Auth
Subscribe or unsubscribe from analytics report Detail
Verb: GET
Description: Subscribe or unsubscribe from analytics report
Media types:
Auth: Basic Auth
Get list of subscribed and unsubscribed users Detail
Verb: GET
Description: Gets the list of subscribed and unsubscribed users
Media types:
Auth: Basic Auth


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