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Key/Value Maps management API

The KeyValueMaps resource provides an API for managing the Apigee Edge key/value store for longer-term data persistence. Key/Value maps are collections of arbitrary name/value pairs ("entries") that can be accessed at runtime by API proxies, or for other custom runtime requirements. The API lets you perform CRUD operations on the key/value store.

You can create and manage key/value maps at multiple scopes:

  • API proxy: Key/value maps at the API proxy scope can be accessed only by the API proxy or a specific revision of the proxy.
  • Environment: Key/value maps at the environment scope can be accessed by any API proxy in the environment (such as test or prod). In the management UI (APIs > Environment Configuration), key/value maps are at the environment scope.
  • Organization: Key/value maps at the organization scope can be accessed by all API proxies in all environments.

API proxies interact with the key/value store at runtime using policies. See Key Value Map Operations policy.

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